Lunatic Labz Electro Shock

A little crazy does a body good, and we formulated Electroshock to deliver just that… an intense brain/body boost!


High-Voltage Pre-Workout
Feeling tired before your workout or game? Need some extra motivation to train? PROBLEM SOLVED!… amp up your crazy and get a jump start with Lunatic Labz Electroshock™.

Electroshock™ is formulated with clinically-tested and patented ingredients to achieve 3 goals:

Intensely energize your body
Positively boost focus and mood
Guard against muscle breakdown

This 3-Tier Formula Doesn’t Hold Back
The Power Blend includes beta alanine, Nitrosigine®, Creatine MagnaPower® and taurine to support increased nitric oxide (NO) levels and ATP synthesis in your muscles. Nitrosigine® has been clinically shown to boost nitric oxide (NO) levels, a key factor in promoting increased blood flow to working muscles. And Creatine MagnaPower® (magnesium creatine chelate) has a higher level of absorption and utilization than creatine monohydrate alone, so it enhances your body’s ability to generate and regenerate ATP for SLAMMING muscle performance!

The Energy & Focus Blend includes L-tyrosine, caffeine, KSM-66® Ashwagandha, yohimbe and huperzia serrata. These components are precisely balanced to achieve an intense mind and energy boost with minimal “jitters” effects. We chose KSM-66® because it has been clinically proven to provide enhanced mental focus along with increased endurance and strength.

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