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For example, there is little to no access to shelters or relocation centers for female victims of violence. The Salvadoran Institute for the Development of Women provides temporary assistance for women fleeing domestic abuse, but it is unable to accept entire families, which discourages many victims from seeking help. In addition, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights found that Supreme Court centers for reporting domestic or intrafamilial violence are ineffective, inaccessible, and discriminatory. Although these laws and specialized units represent positive steps forward by the Salvadoran government, they haven’t been fully implemented and access to these programs is very limited. These frameworks also fail to address widespread impunity and do not provide adequate protection for those reporting crimes.

Salvadoran literary production in the latter twentieth century has been concerned with a re-examination of the national history. Notable works include the novels and poetry of Manlio Argueta, the poetry of Roque Dalton, and the short stories of José Marie Mendez. A woman can count on her cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents on both sides for support. The Family Code recognizes the importance of the extended family and requires various categories of kin to support their relatives with food, clothing, housing, health care, and education. Parents must support their children, and brothers and sisters may be required to pay support to their siblings. A marriage performed in a church is considered irreversible, and many people wait until they have children to marry.

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Those groups argued that there was never any evidence Erazo had tried to abort her pregnancy or in any way harm the fetus. One World Bank initiative to raise awareness of the problem and offer practical solutions to women in danger was a ‘hackathon’ to combat domestic violence in Central America. Vanda Pignato, First Lady and secretary of Social Inclusion, is admired in El Salvador and abroad for her work in defense of women’s rights and well-being. Women found to have had an abortion face between two and eight years’ imprisonment, but this can rise to up to 40 years if they are found guilty of aggravated homicide.

In spite of the current demilitarization, the culture remains militarized, as evidenced by the high rate of violent crime, armed guards in front of most urban businesses, and the presence of vigilantes. The number of violent deaths resulting from crime in 1996 was greater than the number of deaths resulting from the conflict during any year of the civil war. In that same year, the murder rates in some parts of the country were among the highest in the Western Hemisphere. Many crime victims do not report crimes to the authorities because of continuing mistrust of the courts and police. The National Civilian Police have poorly trained officers and few resources to investigate crimes. Corrupt courts release criminals, who then seek revenge on those who reported them to the police. Vigilante groups have formed to fight crime by assassinating criminals.

The Office of the Attorney General investigated only 661 cases of domestic violence during the same year. The investigations led to only 3 convictions, with 71 cases resolved through mediation. Femicides, or the killing of women because they are women, have become more frequent in recent years, with 2011 having the highest number to date – 628. While the number decreased to 320 in 2012, it is of particular interest when looking at gender inequality as it is the most serious form of gender discrimination. They argue that femicide represents a backlash against women who are empowered and have moved away from traditional female roles. Women in El Salvador are employed at lower rates than men, and on average make less in wages compared to their male counterparts.

Our mission is to tackle the root causes of poverty and create lasting solutions. They were just four of the more than 8,000 people who were killed in that first year of civil war alone, a war that went on for 12 years and that left over 75,000 people dead. It was 2 December 1980, ten months after the start of the civil war in El Salvador, and eight since the murder of Salvadorian Archbishop, now Saint, Oscar Romero, when four American women were brutally murdered. Forty years after their death, Pope Francis recalls the el salvadorian women brave missionary women who were brutally murdered in El Salvador as they worked to make the lives of those suffering the county’s civil war easier. “But as time passed I realized this wasn’t just a hobby — with the killings and murders,” she said. “By the time I wanted to leave the gang I couldn’t, my life was in danger. Maybe I should be thanking God to have brought me to this place.” “When I started in the gang I didn’t have children and thought everything was pink and sweet. I was just a teenager,” she added.

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